Where it Started?

There is no such things like Shortcut, all you have to do is dig your own way

By Jay Patel

Hey, My name is Jay Patel… I have my own story of creating this website, before we proceed towards my story i would like to introduce myself first. I am a Accountant, Photographer, Digital Marketer, Website Designer and also a Blogger.

Everyone has their struggle in their lives, i too had it infact i would say that, I am still struggling to write this section of About myself. Dont quote me on this as i mentioned about my struggle. Coming to the topic, Few years back around 2017 i was dropped out of college for one year and that completely changed my life. Although there are people who were trolling me for this but I was okay with it because i have accepted the fact that i failed. At that time i was almost like teenager who didn’t had any plan about his future. And on the other hand my dad is a accountant, due to which peoples expectations were high from me. As i had nothing to do whole day, i started working with my dad although i didn’t knew anything of that niche but later i started learning things. Like everyone i made mistakes, sometimes terrible mistakes. After giving sometime over that niche i started realising that this is not exactly what i wanted to do in my life. I started exploring myself and then i realised that i have a lot of interest in Technology, Video Games (PC, Mobile) and during this time i came to a conclusion that i will try to do stuffs in which i have interest in. But i didn’t stopped my accountancy work. Later i came across a thought 

“There is no such things like Shortcut, all you have to do is dig your own way”

At that time I connected this kind of dots in to my life and started experiencing things which i have never experienced before. I started following my interest which was about Mobile phones, Computers, Headphones, DSLR’s and their lenses. When it comes to DSLR’s i was too crazy about this. i love to capture moments whether its in frame or in heart i always loved it. Somehow, after soo much of buttering and making promises which never fulfilled till today my dad bought me canon 1200D. that time I thought i want to be Photographers. And trust me i was real good with cameras, I did some professional shoots. But then there was a totally new concept came in front of me which was gaming. As i have mentioned before i was a kid who grew up playing video games alot and in 2018 i started playing PUBG mobile. At first i was like a bad player but then i impr